Sunday, May 15, 2005

Use Paypal to accept credit cards online

You can sign up for Paypal for free to accept all types of credit card payments, and direct debit on checking accounts for payments on your website. I highly recommend using paypal as I have been using it myself for well over 6 years now.
My Internet Advertising customers use it to pay me when I send them invoices from Quickbooks. I can also use it to send money requests to them. And for paying for something on ebay it is so much easier to use then having to write a check. It's completely secure and the processing fees are not charged to you until you actually sell something. The rates are competitive with merchant accounts without having to pay all those monthly merchant account brokerage and gateway fees.
Giving your customers an easy way to pay you increases your chances of making a sale online.

Click Here to Sign up for Paypal today!

Thursday, May 12, 2005

Optimizing Your Website for the Search Engines

Website Optimization means fixing and updating your pages to increase ecommerce sales, lead generation and search engine ranking.
There are many ways to optimize your website-you can read about them at Improving Website Performance.
I can help you with your websites SEO planning, Search Engine Submission, Pay Per Click (PPC) Management, Targeted Traffic, Email and Newsletter creation and marketing, Content Creation and Building, Link exchange management and building.These are all a part of getting your website up higher on the search engines. If you are not doing these things yourself then you need to hire someone to do them for you. Otherwise your website will be sitting in cyberspace with no visitors. The old adage of "Build it and they will come" just isn't true for the internet. Anyone can create a website but getting it easily found on the search engines take content building talent and years of marketing and promotion experience. If you can't do it yourself call me at 800-459-8675 or email me at You can see all the websites I've created for my customers at A1AWEB. Thanks for reading and have a great online day-Ann

Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Exchanging Links Is Essential For Higher Ranking

You absolutely must trade links with other sites to get ranked better on the search engines. But you cannot trade links with just anyone-you need to concentrate on exchanging links with sites in industries related to your own. Do you ever wonder why you see so many car dealerships in one place or so many restaurants all on one road. More related businesses attract more customers. Do you want to hang with the big boys or be out in the desert all alone. It is a good thing to advertise for others on your website as long as they are doing the same for you on theirs. And I don't mean just a few sites. You need to exchange links with at least 200 sites to help your site get a better ranking on Google. I charge $5 per link exchange as this is a very time consuming that can really ad up if you don't do it yourself. I must search for sites related to yours for you to exchange links w. then put their links on your site, and then email them to ask them to put your link on their site-then check to make sure it is there.Try it yourself to see how much work is involved. Just try doing one a day and in a year you will have 365 links.To see examples of link exchanges scroll to the bottom of my site Promo-Plates and if you want me to do it-fill out the contact form at
A1AWEB Internet Advertising

Getting More Profitable Online

As we all know every online business must maintain and optimize profitability to survive in the increasingly competitive world of internet based eCommerce. In fact, if you"ll excuse the pun, in the "Kingdom of Business", "Return On Investment" or ROI is King.
One sure-fire way, of meeting this objective, in an online environment, is to maximize the number of targeted visitors to your business website. This is unfortunately, "easier said than done". There are many who claim to show you how to do this so very easily and to even get you "boatloads of traffic". This is undoubtedly an arena where "Smoke & Mirrors" seems to reign supreme. Online Marketing, seems to have had more than its fair share of Hype Merchants, Hucksters and Scamsters who promise you the earth for just a few more dollars of your money. "Buy one million hits of laser targeted traffic" is seemingly one such device.
There are a very few who can actually deliver on their promises. But fortunately, this does not have to be so.
I show you every step you need to take in the pursuit of more traffic-please read Improve Your Websites Performance, follow each step and I guarantee you will increase your traffic. If you need help doing it-call me for a free consulation. You can see all the websites I have created at A1AWEB Internet Advertising, Thanks for visiting and have a Great Day! Anny

Monday, May 09, 2005

I am so Excited about this new book!

I just got thru reading the "Science of Getting Rich" and would like to offer this wonderful book to my customers and visitors to my blog for free.
Read it-it's free and very enlightening as well as motivational and who amongst us couldn't use a little motivation every now and then.
I like to read new ebooks to help my customers websites at A1AWEB do better on the search engines and also to stay on top of the newest trends in internet advertising. I always like that AHA feeling I get when I learn something new. Try it and see how good it makes you feel.

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