Thursday, December 22, 2005

Anchor Text for Link Exchanges

Whenever you ask someone to put a link to your site on theirs it is best to also email them what you want them to put on their site. The link should contain your most important keywords. The more of these links you have on other peoples sites that are pointing to your site the higher your site will get indexed for those keywords. For instance I use the anchor text "internet advertising" and "search engine optimization" in the anchor text when I send someone the title and description for my link. This means the search engines will see these words as linking to my site from someone elses and give me points for them. The more of these words you have on other peoples sites that link to yours the better. OF course it is also good to have keywords in the description as well-but the description is not given as much weight by the search engines as the anchor text. As an example below is what I send to people that I want to do link exchanges with. I try to send it in html format so they can easily copy and paste it onto their site.

A1AWEB Discount Internet Advertising and Search Engine Optimization - Internet Advertising, website design, webpage creation, SEO, search engine optimization, marketing and promotion of websites.

As you can see I use lots of keywords pertaining to what my site is about in both the anchor text and description. If you need help getting more hits to your site please see "How to Improve Your Websites Performance"