Sunday, May 07, 2006

Using a Blog as a 2nd Website for One Way Links

I have been blogging for my customer Maxi Dump about dump trailers and added pictures on the left hand side of the blog going to different pages of their website. Adding thumbnails on your own blog with links going to your website is a great way to get more traffic to your site because they are all one way links. Be sure to label your images to give the search engines more keywords to look at. You can label them using the alt and title tags as well as by putting names under your images. If you don't know how to blog I can do that for you for $10 per paragraph per day and also add image links to your blog for only $5 per image. You email me the images and I crop and resize them to fit then add the proper html to your blog template. To see what I am talking about go to Maxi Dumps Blog. For internet advertising advice please see
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Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Save Gas by Finding Ways to Work From Home

I am the envy of my many friends and relatives that must commute to work every day and with gas prices going up I can gloat even more. I have told them for years to find ways for their employers to let them work from home. Many of them work on computers too but for some reason their jobs are slow to turn to telecommuting. It's been around for ages but it's taken me years just to get my own customers used to doing email rather than calling me. If they want to see me in person they can learn to use instant messenger and see me on my webcam. After a few times of that entertainment they get used to just chatting with it. Most work that is done in an office can be done from home-if people would just put the effort forth to make it happen. You can have paper files Fedexed to you to work on if they can't be emailed to you or disks mailed to you. I get Fedex packages all the time with work from my customers-mostly because they don't know how to email a file they already have on their computer. With the bird flu approaching more and more companies are going to seriously think about ways their employees can work from home. Now is the time to find ways for more people to do their work from home - not when they are too sick to come in or helping a loved one that is. I just heard on the news that some companies are preparing for this eventuality-so now is the time to mention telecommuting to the boss-he doesn't have to know it's because you just want to save on gas.
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Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Cheap Local Advertising in Cinemas

Advertising at the Movies: Finally, here's one that often gets overlooked. If you turn up to the cinema early, you might have seen that before the big-budget ads, ads for local businesses are run. This can be a great place to advertise relatively inexpensively in quite a high-profile way, and it has been found to work especially well for takeaway food businesses.
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Monday, May 01, 2006

Website Advertising on Billboards

Website Advertising on Billboards: Here's one that gets overlooked pretty often, but can be very effective if you do it right. Billboard ads are relatively expensive, but they do generally stay up for a long time, and they can be very specifically targeted to an area -- the one where they're physically located. You'll have the best results with this if you can put one near enough to your business that it could say 'turn left at the next junction', or something like that. Phone numbers are, again, pretty useless, although you could have some luck putting a website address up there.
Think of the many other advertising possibilites for your website: Skywriting, Airplane Banners, Hot Air Balloons - that could be a fun business expense.
OK-let's not get too crazy just yet-start off with your website address on your brochures, letterhead and business cards.
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