Sunday, December 19, 2004

Joining Affiliate Programs

There are many affiliate programs you can join in order to profit from selling other peoples merchandise on your website. You can sell well known, brand name products on your website that are related to what your website is about. One of the most well known top affiliate programs that I belong to go to is Commission Junction.
The 2nd most popular program and also a good one to join is Befree.
I am in the process of teaching my nephew how to create a gaming website to sell video games and video gaming systems. He loves to play video games so I felt that creating a Video Gaming website about them would be a great way for him to enjoy learning about how to create a website and make money at the same time. So far he has done pretty well and is finally doing something more contructive with his time. So if you have a teenager that seems to be wasting too much time playing video games, try turning their passion into a money making venture.

Saturday, December 18, 2004

Adding Revenue to Your Site with Affiliate Programs

I like creating websites about things I am interested's a whole lot easier to write about your own hobbies and interests. To help these personal sites generate revenue I add affiliate links selling products related to that particular site. For instance I sell horse related merchandise on my Florida Arabians website. Everything for Boston Terriers, Trucking Products, Karaoke and Biker stuff on my Bike Week site. I also link my trucking site to my Florida Earth Movers site so people looking for heavy equipment can buy trucker merchandise.
Selling related merchandise on your website is just another way for the site to pay for itself.
It can also be a way to capture and hold peoples interest on your website to make it more interesting. I am going to write more tommorrow about how to join these affiliate programs to sell merchandise from Commission Junction.

Friday, December 17, 2004

Get Online Now-Make More Money This New Year

Thru A1AWEB Internet Advertising you can advertise your business and sell your merchandise by listing your telephone number or email address on your very own Webpage. Just answer the phone or check your email and watch the orders and inquiries start coming in by having a business presence that is always open 24 hours a day 7 days a week ready to do business with people from across the country and around the world. I feature NEW Easy ECommerce sites that you can add merchandise to yourself if you like. Do you have a site already created, but are lacking the visitors? A1AWEB Internet Marketing may be able to help your old site get better results with a lots of advice about Optimizing your website for the Search Engines, this is called SEO or Search Engine Optimization.
I do Search Engine Optimization using Wordtracker and Keyword Analysis using Index Tools
Don't let another year go by letting your website squander in the dust let A1AWEB Website Promotion help you get your website out there to produce the traffic and sales it was meant to create for your business

Thursday, December 16, 2004

Overture Tips and Tricks for Better Search Engine Performance

I just came from a very enlightening internet seminar and would like to share what I learned with my Internet Advertising customers and visitors to my personal internet advertising website.
These tips are for my customers that already use Overture. If you are not already using Overture but would like to start please call me at 386-437-2203 and I can walk you thru the signup process even if you are not a customer of A1AWEB Internet Advertising. By going thru me you will receive a credit for $25 more click thrus than if you signed up by yourself. I will also help walk you thru filling out all the forms the correct way and explain the best way to use Overture and these tips and tricks to help your website get more hits.

Finding Lists of Related Terms:
At this seminar I went to they explained how to get more hits thru your Overture account by bidding on related terms.
These are terms related to the keywords you are already bidding on.
To find a list of related phrases in Overture click on the Add Listings tab and look for your Keyword Selector Tool. Put your keyword in the box and click on "Get Suggestions".
You will see a list of words appear that you can check off and add to the "Enter Keywords" box on the right. Try starting off bidding .10 on each of these keywords.
Raise your bids where appropriate.

Voila-you should see a list of related terms using your keyword that you can then bid .10 cents on to get more qualified hits to your site. People who do searches for specific things really know what they want and these are the people you want to visit your site.This is called Targeted traffic.

Bid on Misspelled Words:
At the seminar I also learned that it's a good idea to take the words you are already bidding on and misspell them and bid .10 on the misspelled version of your keywords and phrases. Another trick is to type your keyword real fast and see how the mistypes are spelt-use these mistyped words to add to your collection of keywords and phrases to bid .10 on.

If you can't be in the top 3-Be Last
Another tip is that if you can't afford to show up in the top 3 listings then bid just enough to show up on the very bottom-because most people scroll to the bottom of a page before going to the next page when doing a search.

Broad Phrases
Your keyword phrases could get more hits if you check them off as being Broad
-this way no matter what order someone searches for them in-you will still come up. So check off the words that you want to make broad-then click on Match Type Options
Click on Advanced then Click on Submit.

I know that some of these tips may become outdated as Overture changes it's tabs and interface from time to time but try to use each one today to see if it doesn't help to improve your website traffic.If you need help using these Overture tips and tricks please contact me at: 386-437-2203 or at A1AWEB Internet Advertising to walk you thru it.

Wednesday, December 15, 2004

How to Add Content to Your Website

I want my customers websites to make sales but what many of them don't understand is that marketing on the internet is completely different from selling using other forms of advertising. People looking for products online don't want to read a sales pitch like what you hear in radio advertising or on TV or what you see in newspaper or magazine advertising. They are looking to make well informed buying decisions. This is the reason your content needs to provide as much information as possible about your product, all the different uses for your product or service, and testimonials from people who have bought your product or service. DON'T SELL! Instead warm your visitor up to buy your products by preselling them with great content that they value and respect. They will click thru with pleasure arriving at your shopping cart area ready to buy with an open mindset. How you reach your visitor, what you say and how you refer your visitors to your website to buy is very important and will make the difference between just a visit and an actual sale.You want your website visitor to become your friend or even for them to think of you as someone they can trust and admire as being on top of your subject. Become a knowledgeable friend making a reccommendation to them rather than a stranger making a sales pitch. Or even better become a trusted expert making an endorsement.

Start with a list of keywords that you feel people would use to find your website on the internet. From these create topics that you can write about. Within your writing we can put links from these keywords going to a place where people can place orders on your website or a place for them to fill out a form requesting your services.
You don't have to do all the writing in one day-try to write just one paragraph about each topic for the front page of your site. From those simple paragraphs we can link to pages with more writing on each subject as you develop each topic.

Getting started writing is difficult for just about everybody so don't feel overwhelmed or at a loss for words. Just start off with single keywords about your product or service and under each word write more words that are related to that word. Next-to the right of each word right a single sentence that uses that word in it. After a few of these you will see paragraphs developing for each topic. You may also want to do searches using your keywords and visit other websites to get ideas for your paragraphs.

There are many excellent ebooks you can get for free that teach you how to write effectively. I reccommend reading books such as:Power Words That Sell

Sunday, December 12, 2004

Improving Your Websites Performance

There are 7 steps you should go thru in numerical order

to Improve Your Websites Performance.

1)Meta Tags:

Each of your pages should have meta tags within the html. To see examples of meta tags go to any of my sites pages at A1AWEB Internet Advertising and click on View/Source. At the top of the html you will see the title, description and you can add your own meta tags yourself or I can add them for you...I charge $20 per page to add meta tags to any pages of your site that do not have them or to improve the ones you already have.
I also add a tracker to the bottom of your front page so we can both see not only how many hits you are getting but also what search engines people are using to find you and what search terms they are using. This way we know if the meta tags are correct and also what search terms to use in keyword bidding thru Overture and Google.

2) Submit your site to the search engines:
After correctly worded meta tags have been added to each page of your site then it should be submitted to the search engines. I charge $20 per month to submit your site to the most popular search engines by hand, such as Yahoo, MSN, Google, Alta-Vista, etc.,. and also to over 280,000 search engines, hot lists, directories, indexes, classifieds and ffa lists using Search Engine Commando and Engine Poster software. After your site is submitted it may take anywhere from 2 weeks to 6 months for the search engines to index your site. This is why I recommend doing step #6 (bidding on keywords thru Overture) while your site is waiting to be indexed.

3) If it is appropriate for your site then you should add a testimonials page:
Here are examples of some of my customers testimonial pages:
click on numbers at the bottom to see actual testimonial letters that were scanned in.

4) Monthly Newsletter:
Add an easy way for people to subscribe to your monthly newsletter or mailing list and also as an easy way for you to collect email addresses.
Here is an example:
(look below the left hand side navigation bar of this site see to a very simple email only request box in order to collect email addresses. )

5) Link Exchanges:
You should trade links with people in related industries in order to help your site get ranked better on the search engines. You need to exchange links with at least 200 sites to help your site get a better ranking on Google. I charge $5 per link exchange as this is a very time consuming process. I must search for sites related to yours for you to exchange links w. then put their links on your site, then email them to ask them to put your link on their site.

6) Join Overture:
to bid on your keywords. By bidding on keywords thru Overture your site will show up on the tops of Yahoo and MSN search engines under sponsored listings. Thru Overture you bid on keywords related to what it is you are selling and if someone does a search using a keyword you bid on and clicks thru to go to your site-you pay what you offered to bid for that keyword...such as .10 cents. You are only charged when someone actually goes to your site. I do my best to get my sites on the tops of the search engines for their keywords thru the use of meta tags and submitting but this is just another way to get more traffic to your site faster-and thus hopefully more sales and prospects. You can sign up for Overture thru me by being on the phone and on the computer at the same time so I can walk you thru the signup process. By signing up thru me you get a $25 credit with Overture, which can be equal to 2500 sales leads. I teach you the best way to fill out the forms on Overture and how to find out what others are bidding on your keywords so you will know what to bid. It is $25 to sign up and from that your click thrus are subtracted. It is then a minimum spend limit of $20 per month to keep your account with Overture active. I do not receive any of the money you give to Overture after you sign up-it all goes to your Overture account.You can cancel your Overture account at anytime and you don't have to put anymore money in if you want to let it sit for awhile and your account will still remain open. After you join Overture you can see what your competitors are bidding on your keywords. You can call me anytime to sign up day or night- I'm always here in front of the computer or nearby out in the yard, it takes about a half an hour on the phone to fill out the forms to sign up online.Yes you can sign up by yourself but I can give you lots of free advice on how to fill out the Overture forms to your best advantage. Call: 386-437-2203 or 800-459-8675

7) Join Google:
After learning how to use Overture you will be able to sign up for Google adwords yourself at:
It is free to sign up...what you bid on keywords is automatically charged to your credit card...I reccommend a minimum daily spend limit of $2 per day for google adwords. If you bid enough for your keywords on google then you should show up on the top of google as well as all the other search engines that google serves results to.

I hope this list of steps to take to improve your sites performance has helped to answer your questions. I know it seems like alot more work than you may have anticipated in order to promote a website but the good old days of just slapping up a one page site and getting results are gone.

If you want my help to start with Step #1 and you already have a website, then I would need the user id and pw to your site in order to ftp any updated files over to your server or I could email each one to you so that you could do that yourself. Just email me at or call 800-459-8675 or 386-437-2203-they both ring to the same number. I work from home so you can call anytime from about 8 am to 11 pm EST.

In order to pay for my services I usually send you an email invoice which you can pay online by credit card thru paypal, or you can send me a check in US funds.

If anyone has any critiques or suggestions to add to this please do not hesitate to let me know by emailing me at: Thanks for visiting my blog-Ann Menke